relationship mediation

In situations where couples have decided to separate or divorce, mediation sessions can be very helpful in first exploring and then informally agreeing some of the details associated with a relationship break up. Separation mediation can be a very useful way of a couples agreeing upon issues that might normally be dealt with by solicitors, which can be very costly and time consuming. In some situations, where disagreement remains, the legal route cannot be avoided but in these situations mediation will often have allowed both parties to explore the issues and be much clearer on the main points of disagreement, which again can save time and money with solicitors.

Areas that can be covered in separation mediation include, but are not limited to; details of a trial separation, details of a separation or divorce, living arrangements, property and financial matters, access to children and childcare issues, apportionment of possessions and agreements concerning jointly owned pets.

The form that the mediation will usually take is that I will meet with each party separately before arranging any joint sessions. These individual meetings are designed to give each party space to articulate the issues as they see them, help them to prioritise what they would like to cover and seek agreement upon during the joint sessions and also to think about ways of communicating and conducting themselves during the joint sessions that promote an environment that is conducive to compromise and agreement. If acceptable to both parties, a joint session will be arranged where an agenda is agreed and a format designed to identify and work towards areas of potential agreement is reviewed.

​These sessions are also an opportunity for couples to move away from the emotional content of the relationship break up and focus on the practicalities that need to be discussed and agreed. The purpose of the mediation is to help the parties to establish a working alliance that allows them to discuss, negotiate and where possible agree a mutually acceptable way forward. The ability to maintain civil face-to-face communication can be particularly important where there are children involved and again where mediation is successful it can help the partners to establish a working alliance that is beneficial for ongoing communication and contact.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss further and to arrange an initial consultation.

​​Fees: £120  per individual pre-mediation session, £170 per joint mediation session.