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Individual Therapy

The decision to seek help for emotional concerns or distress is often one of the most difficult but important decisions we can make at key moments in our lives. I seek to provide a safe, supportive, confidential and welcoming environment within which you can explore what has brought you to therapy, how the difficult events in your life have affected you uniquely, what meaning you attach to the problems you are facing and how you can be supported to make changes to overcome your current circumstances. I work from an integrative framework as a therapist which enables me to draw on a broad range of psychotherapeutic theory and technique. These include the Person Centred approach, Existential Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Gestalt Therapy and Psychodynamic Therapy.

Effective therapy involves helping to empower clients with tools to cope in certain situations in addition to insights and understandings about themselves, their lives and the nature of being that enable them to bring about more lasting change. Key to this change is the understanding that there are many things that happen to us in our lives that we can’t control but that it is ultimately how we choose to view the things that happen to us that is most important.

Trusting our own perspective, challenging our critical inner voice and taking action that emanates from our own sense of what is right, helps to rebuild confidence in our ability to take control of our own lives and overcome the despair that comes from feeling trapped and stuck in old narratives and unhelpful ways of being.

A therapeutic journey also often involves recognizing that real strength is about learning to express our vulnerability and reach out. Pleasing others, helping them with their problems and ‘being strong’ can often leave us vulnerable as we hide away our true selves in the mistaken belief that seeking help will in some way diminish us in the eyes of others. The reality however is that taking the risk of sharing our true feelings invariably allows us to get support, feel connected, feel better, be more authentic and move closer to others, who in turn feel more intimately connected to the person that has found the courage to be emotionally honest.

Coping with uncertainty and exploring the personal message emanating from the real inner self that is being pushed down and causes anxiety and depression, are also key elements of my approach to therapy. Listening to the unique message in our anxiety, depression and panic is central to our growth and well-being and to reconnecting with the real freedom to live and choose that at times of crisis can often feel out of our reach.

​I have published a paper which draws together the key aspects of my approach entitled “Everyday Courage, Living Courageously without Being A Hero” (Marc Medina 2008). Click here to view.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss further or arrange an initial consultation.

​Fees: £90 to £100 per session, depending on time of day and location.

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