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Life & Executive Coaching

Coaching has some similarities with therapy but is essentially a different discipline with different aims and objectives and different desired outcomes.

Coaching is a teaching, training or development process via which an individual is supported while achieving a specific personal or professional result or goal. Coaching can also involve gaining new skills in areas like leadership, conflict resolution, management style, decision making. The focus is on the present and the future and the work is action orientated and results driven.

My approach is aimed at promoting personal growth and fulfilling potential by learning to trust yourself and your instincts more and more rather than thinking that it is necessary to learn a whole new way of being. This approach often referred to as the paradoxical theory of change assumes that change occurs when an individual becomes what he or she is rather than continually trying to be what one is not.

The coaching experience is designed to help the client to access their inner resourcefulness and build upon their wealth of knowledge, experience and intuition by accessing the twin growth areas of awareness and responsibility. Achieving clearly stated goals by authentic engagement with situations in life and specifically in the work place as a manger, company executive or entrepreneur helps to build confidence and strength to set more goals. In turn this allows you to become more potent and self assured with the result that reaching your potential becomes easier as trust in your own ability starts to grow.

​I have experience both as an executive coach and life coach in a number of settings and have also published a paper on leadership entitled, “Leadership And The Process Of Becoming – An Artist Never Paints The Same Picture Twice” (Marc Medina 2011). Click here to view.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss further and to arrange an initial consultation.

​Fees: £150 per session

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